Tag: wizard


  • Feyis Goldenflight

    Feyis is a wizard of great talent. She has decided to use her magic for good by joining [[The Aforementioned | The Aforementioned]]. Her character also lessens the in-adverted damage caused by [[:walter-the-magnificent | Walter the Magnificent]] when his …

  • Dorito

    Dorito is fascinated by adventurers, to the point of enduring mistreatment to be a groupie. He has recently joined the Freak Squad, composed of [[:aishe-malinova | Aishe Malinova]] and [[:rad-longhammer | Rad Longhammer]], leaving his "internship" …

  • Faust

    Ian Faust, a member of the [[Wizard Order of Chedhurst]], joined the [[Freak Squad | Freak Squad]] upon request from [[:sandman-1 | Sandman]], Timbermoor's wizard leader.

  • Daemon Mathews

    Daemon is one of [[:faust | Faust's]] questionable underground connections in [[Timbermoor]]. His research is under constant attack by the more disciplined mages of the [[Wizard Order of Chedhurst | Wizard Order of Chedhurst]]. He has been forced to move …