Tag: vampire


  • Salts and Blood

    h3. Crespuscule [[:aishe-malinova | Aishe Malinova]] notices that small particles of necromantic magic shower the lands of Tremblent as they approach its capital, [[Crespuscule]]. They might explain why [[:hazmat | Hazmat]] feels so welcome here. As …

  • Electro-beats

    h3. Party Reunited Back in Chedhurst, [[:rad-longhammer | Rad Longhammer]] pleads forgiveness from [[:king-maxim-isaak | King Maxim Isaak]], telling him that his outburst was only because he cares about Chrysanthe's safety. After [[:amon | Amon]], …

  • Infiltration

    h2. Secret secrets !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/155137/Feyis_Blind.jpg(Feyis blind)! [[:faust | Faust]] calls off the Death Reaper to avoid [[:feyis-goldenflight | Feyis Goldenflight]] following through with her threat of informing the …

  • 600 feet under

    h2. Descent !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/157462/Mausoleum.jpg(Mausoleum)! The [[Freak Squad | Freak Squad]] takes a look at the vampire's mansion and decide to go to the mausoleum instead. [[:mazith | Mazith]] removes additional traps and …

  • Chantal

    The freak squad met Chantal with her two friends Penelope and Maryse in [[Crespuscule]]. She presumably works for [[:triant-tombfury | Triant Tombfury]].

  • Penelope

    A vampire lady, she seems to be under the protection of the vampire [[:chantal | Chantal]]. She always wears a wedding dress.

  • Maryse

    Maryse in another vampire in [[Crespuscule]], wearing a revealing leather outfit that accentuates her curves and daggers she wields.