Lazpad Shadowfox

Mazith's half-brother, son of Hazmat and Cynthia Shadowfox


RACE: Hengeyokai (Fox)
AGE: Mazith’s + 4



GONE IN A SPLASH (See Hazmat’s background for additional information)
GONE IN A SPLASH (See Lazpad’s personal story summary for additional information)
GONE IN A SPLASH (See Shadowfox Family Armor’s personal story summary for additional information)
Lazpad’s mother assured him that the day would come when she destroyed all that remained of his father (Hazmat) for abandoning them before he was born, but Lazpad couldn’t wait that long. He had his own plans which were set into motion when he turned 14. He would get his revenge and take back what was rightfully his; the Shadowfox family armor.

Having practiced hunting with the sling for years, his skill with it was unmatched. So, when recent news of his father’s achievements (and nearby whereabouts) reached his ears, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. He deviously kept his plans and this wonderful news from his mother, Cynthia Shadowfox, and made a slight detour when he volunteered to make their next supply trip…

When he arrived in Henrik, he found his father training near a body of water. It was all too easy for him to sneak by unnoticed and place a well-aimed shot right to his oblivious father’s temple. Unfortunately, the
noise caused by the body splashing into the water brought unwanted attention. Before Lazpad was able to retrieve the armor from the pile of nearby equipment, “help” had arrived and his chance had slipped away…


FOXY LADIES (See Hazmat’s background for additional information)
FOXY LADIES (See Shadowfox Family Armor’s background for additional information)
Lazpad was born into a secluded life as a member of “The Forest Circus Alliance.” His mother, Cynthia Shadowfox, raised him as a bitterly-single mother. His father, he later found out, was Hazmat, or more commonly known in circus-performing circles as “The Amazing Jumping Man.”

He grew to hate his father—as his mother did—for both leaving them and taking the only thing of value their family had which had been passed down for generations; the Shadowfox family armor.

Work in progress…

Lazpad Shadowfox

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