Aishe Malinova

A gypsy traveler from a far away plane



Her relation to humans is a lot like the Shadowfell’s twisted/dark mirroring of the prime material. She looks human except for gray skin and all-black eyes. Her dark features and raven hair contrast her colorful gypsy garb. Her body is decorated with fluid linear tattoos that are woven across her in patterns that dizzy the eye as she dances.


Music always naturally came from deep within Aishe. No one taught her. Perhaps it originated as a defense against the psychological gloom of the Shadowfell where she lived, but it became her passion. Dancing followed as a natural accompaniment to it, a way to more completely lose herself in the beauty of the song before the reality of the Shadowfell began to encroach on her psyche once more.

Aishe eventually left the Shadowfell to escape its melancholy, stagnation, dissolution and acceptance of death in a desperate attempt to retain some passion for existence and find meaning in it once more. As both a means of escape and because she felt a natural affinity to a band gypsies who were traveling across the planes, she joined the many races that make up the Vistani, who are almost all wanderers (each for their own reasons, but many because they also have a similarly dark past).

She left home without a word to anyone. Her people look down on most others as inferior and especially wouldn’t have approved of her leaving with a bunch of gypsies, but she didn’t care what anybody would say – there was nothing holding her there that outweighed the joy she imagined was possible outside the Shadowfell. Though no one would have chosen to go with her, her departure did not sit well with some of the most conservative members of her home. To prove himself once more, a boy Aishe had defeated in combat and whose Chainreach Weapon she had rightfully claimed set out to track her down.

The Romaine Clan became her new family, and she loved being with them because of their celebration of and passion for life and beauty in all its forms, including the music and dance that were so dear to her. She developed close friendships and found lovers amongst them. She even mentored under the clan mother who recognized that she had the gift of gypsy sight (seeing the future).

Aishe experienced many far away, exotic lands as they traveled across the planes. When her band visited the prime material plane, though, they ran into some trouble with the law and she became separated from them. In addition to her music and dancing, Aishe used her tarot card reading abilities to earn a living. When the opportunity presented itself, she also used the cards and her charms to scam the undeservedly rich or powerful out of their money.


Aishe loves experiencing new or amazing things (to her, at least, which often includes anything that wasn’t available to her in the Shadowfell), from seeing a unique/beautiful flower or an exotic beast to the opportunity to fly (for fun this time) or even use a psychotropic drug, and she will often take an opportunity to witness or interact with such things.

Aishe carries the fierce passion of her people (both Shadar Kai and Vistani) within her, and she will fight viciously for her goddess, her family (the Vistani) and her music. As she grows closer to some of her new friends, she will also extend that loyalty to them.

Aishe is disgusted by the tendency of some mortals to hasten others or themselves into death, regardless of whether they ever had a chance to experience life while they could or discover their chosen or otherwise appropriate afterlife. She will attempt to stop this from happening when she witnesses it or assist their spirits in moving on when she can’t stop their death.

Aishe will execute the desires of her goddess. This includes specific orders, such as taking out Deathmask, or general tenets such as sending any undead or those attempting to escape death beyond their time to the afterlife if possible (unless there’s another, more appropriate action to be taken).

Aishe Malinova

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