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Death of the fortune teller

Fortune teller tent

Aishe Malinova wakes up from her nightmare and quickly tells the party to pack their things and get on the road to Auburn Hill. She realized that her vision of the Carnival fortune teller being murdered happened during dusk, meaning that normally it would be too little time to make the trip and prevent the event. Calling upon her inspiring traveling songs, the horses are able to endure the hard ride to arrive as the sun has set on the horizon. Unfortunately, the fortune teller lies mortally wounded. After the magical healing properties of her words bring the fortune teller back to consciousness, she tells Aishe about Lady Oscar and her hunt for some woman, and how Lady Oscar came back to kill her after receiving false information. The fortune teller unfortunately does not know anything else except for Tobin’s quest to find herself, and wishes her luck and gives Aishe the Tarot Cards of Wonder before she perishes.

The party gets the city guards, but they are unable to offer much help with no real witnesses, a healed corpse with no stab wounds, and solely relying on someone’s dreams. Fabio the carnival master suggests that they put wanted signs across town, but even after a librarian gives them magical means of copying a sketch, it is difficult to cover much ground, and the party relies on a group of befriended joggers to keep their eyes open.

The Amazing Jumping Man lands on Lady Oscar

Jumping man

Mazith introduces himself to the librarian, and the old man is so amazed by his jumping abilities that offers other magical items for a demonstration. The party goes to the north part of town where a new keep is being built, and Mazith leaps between buildings as Tobin shoots a couple of apples out of his hands during the jump. The late night crowd asks for an encore, and while this happens Tobin investigates a nearby scuffle. Turns out that Lady Oscar and her companion have been identified by one of the late night joggers. Tobin warns her to stay put to no avail, and Lady Oscar tells that she knows Tobin’s archery prowess and past very well, and that even for Tobin it will take much luck to bring her down. She quickly magically vanishes while her companion takes the jogger hostage. The scene explodes into action as Mazith lands on top of a stealthed Lady Oscar by accident. She attacks the party from the shadows, as they climb up the towers to keep up with her. Rad Longhammer and Tobin carefully attack the companion thug, leaving the hostage unharmed as he flees the scene. Lady Oscar proves to be a challenge for Mazith on the rooftops, so Aishe Malinova uses her chain to propel her up there. Lady Oscar does a very daring stunt to rid herself of both attackers, but Aishe’s foreshadowing warns Mazith to dodge just in time to have Lady Oscar fall to the ground level to be swarmed by the Freak Squad.



By this point, everyone, including Lady Oscar and the tavern crowd, is surprised to see a meteorite pass overhead at great speed. Tobin sees from her strategic vantage point that it probably landed in Cancote Flats, two days to the east. Toxic green gas falls to the ground on the meteorite’s trail, transforming most commoners into zombies that attack anything close by. Tobin makes a final attack against Lady Oscar, removing her headgear and injuring her left eye, and Lady Oscar swears vengeance and magically vanishes. The zombies start overwhelming the party, and the heroes fight their way into the southern part of town, incapacitating most zombies.

After a long night of fighting zombies with the city guards and townsfolk, dawn arrives and most of the effects have worn off. Auburn Hill starts recovering from the attack, and the librarian is grateful to have survived the night, so he rewards the party with his Oceanbound Boots and extra coin to help them keep helping others. Lady Oscar’s headband, known as Starlit Canis, is identified as an item that grants tracking powers. Something jogs Tobin’s memory while helping identify it, and she remembers a similar item called the Starlit Bow of Sagittarius, a finely crafted weapon coveted by most archers. It is said that the Starlit items collected the light from their respective constellations over several centuries, and grant their powers to worthy wielders.

The party decides to investigate Cancote Flats and find the city devastated. The citizens are nervous with the party arrival, especially when they investigate the toxic green meteor. Mazith almost catches a disease from it, but eventually Rad Longhammer, identifying the necrotic nature of the thing, calls on Pelor to neutralize it. Now able to get closer, they find two sets of footprints: heavy clawed feet, and humanoid boots. They both disappear nearby.


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