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  • Chedhurst

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/114024/Chedhurst.jpg(Chedhurst)! The kingdom of Chedhurst is led by [[:king-maxim-isaak | King Maxim Isaak]], a benevolent but pragmatic ruler. His reign was mostly defined by the constant struggle between [[ …

  • Long Castle

    Long Castle was once the only defense of [[Chedhurst]] from the invasions from [[Darjak]] and [[Tremblent]]. The last set of invasion almost fell the fortification, but the location in the middle of a river proved to be a great terrain advantage. Since …

  • Faust

    Ian Faust, a member of the [[Wizard Order of Chedhurst]], joined the [[Freak Squad | Freak Squad]] upon request from [[:sandman-1 | Sandman]], Timbermoor's wizard leader.