Chainreach Weapon

This melee weapon sports several smaller chains on its hilt and blade

weapon (melee)

Belongs to Aishe Malinova.

A group of young Shadar Kai were showing off their combat skills and a particularly cocky young man was mocking Aishe for wasting her time on pursuits like music and dancing. Losing her temper, she challenged him to combat and used sound and the fluidity of dance to defeat him. He was completely unprepared for her unconventional tactics and she learned to appreciate the combat potential of them. She claimed his weapon, the chain reach weapon, as the victor of the combat, and in her hands it has become a part of her deadly song and dance.

Weapon: Any melee
Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +1d6 damage per plus or +1d8 damage per plus if you have combat advantage.
Power (Daily): Minor action. You may make a melee basic attack against a single target up to 5 squares away. On a successful hit, the target is also knocked prone.


This weapon has special significance to Aishe.

Chainreach Weapon

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