Pierre Gilt


Race: Wereplatypus
Class: City ranger


Pierre, age 36, has been a wereplatypus most of his life. As an orphan struggling to get by on the streets of a city, an episode involving stealing a loaf of bread resulted in his being cursed by a passing-by wizard who happened to notice. The wizard’s intentions, however, are brought even more into question by the fact that the ‘curse’, in effect, gave Pierre the means to survive and even thrive in the wild world. His enhanced strength and other survival traits ensured that he was not only able to get by, but to obtain work to support himself and his friends. The whimsy of the wizard can therefore be seen either as a punishment or as a mercy that enabled Pierre’s survival, however strange.

Pierre is at peace with his lycanthropy, and therefore has a large degree of control over it. When transformed, he does not lose control, and though a full moon still forces a change, he can fight it if necessary for a period of time. He has a few platypus-like features, such as a larger nose, a round belly, and enough body hair to pass for Robin Williams, but otherwise appears as a jovial, solid and not un-handsome man. He is quick to joke, quick to drink, and slow to fall over. You’ll find him either at the center of a tavern or at the center of trouble. With a bastard sword in each hand, made possible by his enhanced strength, Pierre can cut his way out of most tough situations, and worse come to worse, his claws can do their own carving.

Pierre runs Duckbill Company, a group which is almost entirely comprised of former or current orphans. Pierre refuses to take in most orphans, citing a need for the lost children of the city to learn how to make it on their own, but still provides employment for them, enabling them to survive as he was enabled (obviously without the lycanthropy). They are known as Runners, but the Company performs nearly any job, from messenger service to mercenary work. So long as no laws are being broken, the Company will do it; Pierre insists that getting on the bad side of the law ensures one will not survive long in the city (although he himself has been known to take on the occasional smuggling job).

Pierre was one of the ‘merchants’ that the party convinced to abandon the city during the crisis of the impending Hydra, and was instrumental in ensuring that the homeless population of the city was evacuated. Duckbill Company has its flippers in every corner of the city, and thus was able to effectively evacuate the forgotten people, whom Duckbill always maintains relations with.

Pierre Gilt

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