The Amazing Jumping Man


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SINS OF THE FATHER (See Hazmat’s background for additional information)
SINS OF THE FATHER (See Lazpad’s personal story summary for additional information)
SINS OF THE FATHER (See Shadowfox Family Armor’s personal story summary for additional information)
While accomplishing numerous amazing feats as a member of the “Freak Squad,” Mazith’s personal hero, his father Hazmat, revealed that he had been a ghost wandering the lands since his death many years ago. Mazith suffered greatly by prioritizing the party’s goals (saving the nation from the Apocalyptic Hydra) over his own, but now seeks to grant his father eternal rest.

Having been too young to know his father well before he had died, Mazith was fortunately able to ascertain a great deal about the type of person his father had been during his life while conversing with his ghost. Notably, not only did his father think highly of himself, but so did the ladies, or at least that’s how Hazmat would tell the story. This, of course, was the root of the problem.

Eventually Hazmat’s pride was swallowed and his sins were revealed: Mazith had an older half-brother named Lazpad. It has been surmised that he is unable to move on until the armor that was left to Mazith is returned to his half-brother.

Mazith became enamored with tales of an adventuring group known as the “Freak Squad.” A group with such a name would surely be a perfect fit, he had surmised, given his “circus freak” background. With that and his desire to “be somebody,” he set off (on foot) following the trail of Freak Squad gossip. The rumors and awestruck whisperings surrounding the group’s members eventually led him to the town of Farmspil, Northwest of Timbermoor.

Upon arriving in Farmspil, it wasn’t long before he was able to pick the adventuring party out; a small crowd gathered around them in the middle of town contributed to his search efforts greatly. After professing his desire to join such an amazing group, the two members—Rad Longhammer and Aishe Malinova—didn’t seem to mind (or at the very least haven’t stopped him from following blindly along to further fame and glory) when Mazith suddenly assimilated himself into their group and began helping them plan their next adventure!

Being amazing has its advantages. An attractive, yet forgetful woman named Tobin seemed to enjoy Mazith’s performance so much, that she started following the circus around. At first, she simply tried to help out by setting up camps, but eventually proved to be a decent performer herself with some fairly simple feats of acrobatics and precision-archery.

Seeing how he was already gathering a following, he decided it was time to put his skills to the test and seek out bigger and better things; such as the adventuring group which had passed through recently. So, when it was time to head out, his follower naturally came along for the ride.


Mazith has had a small taste of fame among his fellow travelling circus performers , but isn’t satisfied. He wants to see the world and make sure that his name is respected—nay, adored—no matter how far he travels. Only then will he feel that he has added to the legacy left to him by his long dead father, the original Amazing Jumping Man.


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