Lady Oscar


“Lady Oscar” is the current alias taken by Mariel Aldalinde, who was once a philanthropist among the nobility of Chedhurst. She was also known as “Lord Oscar” in the courts of Timbermoor when she was heavily involved in politics and disguised herself as a man. Her current alias “Lady Oscar” was acquired after leaving politics and forming the assassination group known as the Strike Team.

The Watcher of the Oceans related her story thus:

Lady Oscar and how she came to be, relates as a light/dark reflection of Aishe’s own life, as if they were fate sisters. Born into wealth, status, and a comfortable life, Lady Oscar grew up as a philanthropist, advocating for the needy, the poor and those without a voice. But her own feminine voice got hushed among the egocentric men of politics, and her pleas went largely unheard. She then decided to masquerade as Lord Orcar, with exactly the same motivations, disguised to fit public office. This is when Tobin joined his cause. He was well admired, and Chrysanthe Xene followed up in his steps, once he disappeared. Frustrated by the many criminals who would not reform after jail, making the very people she had helped their next victims, she dropped the disguise and formed a small strike team of assassins to take the law into their own hands. The watcher contacted Lady Oscar when it became apparent that the long term results of her actions was being compromised by the orders she was receiving and the sort sightedness of her actions.

Lady Oscar as Lord Oscar

Lady Oscar

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