Kaimonn the Blooded

Arena gladiator from the Badlands


Kaimonn is most known for his life as the top gladiator in the arena of Darjak, after his transformation. The Forest Circus Alliance claims that he was created by some evil wizard from the Badlands. However, Aishe Malinova recognizes the kid from more humble beginnings.

Aishe was once mocked by using dance as a fight style, and to prove Kaimonn wrong, she won the duel and took his fighting Chainreach Weapon as her own.

It is unclear was happened next, but presumably he found his way to the wizard of the Badlands, presumably the same that Rad Longhammer remembers in his visions from the start of his life and from the mirror vision of his monster siblings. He gained some sort of incredible regeneration, that increased his strength and stamina. The Darjak centaurs of the Horde must have enslaved him for their arena games, since it is there were Aishe rediscovered his modified body. After defeating Kaimonn in battle, Aishe executed him, burying any clues he might have had about Rad’s origins and siblings.

Kaimonn the Blooded

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