The Original Amazing Jumping Man


RACE: Human (Ghost)
AGE: 30 deceased (+ (Mazith’s age – 10) years as a ghost)



SINS OF THE FATHER (See Mazith’s personal story summary for additional information)
SINS OF THE FATHER (See Lazpad’s personal story summary for additional information)
SINS OF THE FATHER (See Shadowfox Family Armor’s personal story summary for additional information)
Mazith’s father, Hazmat, is looking for a way to finally gain eternal rest. He is currently stuck in the realm of the living, presumably because he still has a task to do.

It appears that he is unable to move on until the armor that was left to Mazith is returned to his half-brother Lazpad Shadowfox.


Hazmat, known in his prime as the Amazing Jumping Man, began his circus career at the early age of 12! Having inadvertently learned his future trade due to growing up on the streets—and becoming quite acrobatically-adept at getting into and out of places he shouldn’t—Hazmat found his true calling when the circus came to town.

FOXY LADIES (See Lazpad’s background for additional information)
FOXY LADIES (See Shadowfox Family Armor’s background for additional information)
The troupe called themselves “The Forest Circus Alliance” and they were fantastically entertaining! What they lacked, Hazmat had noted, was a talented acrobatics act. After the performance, he had a chance to show off his skills and was quietly welcomed to the troupe once a young girl named “Cynthia Shadowfox” expressed her interest. And WOW, was she a fox! Hazmat was quickly smitten and the two became quite close over the next four years…

Over those four years, little changed. Cynthia was the only one to give Hazmat much attention and the rest of the troupe seemed to enjoy spending time privately with their partners a great deal more than sharing his company. She, however, doted on him and her affection was a relief compared to the cold shoulders he received from the rest of the members. Eventually, marriage was proposed and he was given a family heirloom of sorts; an ornate suit of leather armor with various animal shapes embossed on the chest.

It was not until after his marriage to Cynthia that the truth was revealed to him; “The Forest Circus Alliance” was so named due to the nature of the small group of families that comprised the troupe. They were all Hengeyokai in human form with each family being part of a different animal species. Foxes, bears, and rabbits were represented at the very least, perhaps even more. But it was too much for Hazmat and the following morning while the morning bread baked, he simply walked into the forest never to return, leaving “The Forest Circus Alliance” and Cynthia behind forever. Unfortunately, bread wasn’t the only thing baking in the oven that day; Cynthia was pregnant with his child which they had already chosen to name Lazpad

Still young (nearly 17), but a man grown, Hazmat moved on to find a bigger, better, and less furry circus troupe. It was here that Hazmat discovered how to use the power of the Pouncing Leather Armor and became “The Amazing Jumping Man.” For a short while, his fame among the locals had become “widespread,” and so too did the ladies.

At the age of 20, one of Hazmat’s ladies became pregnant with his child, but this time (perhaps due to guilt), he not only married her, but also made a vow to take care of her and never leave her side such that they may grow old together; more importantly, he meant it. In a cruel twist of fate, however, the woman died in childbirth. This left Hazmat to care for their son, Mazith, himself and unable to fulfill the promise he made to her…

GONE IN A SPLASH (See Lazpad’s personal story summary for additional information)
GONE IN A SPLASH (See Shadowfox Family Armor’s personal story summary for additional information)
Ten years later, an opportunity to train under the famous Ardan presented itself, so Hazmat left Mazith in the care of his extended family (his current circus troupe). With Ardan’s tutelage, he was able to win the swimming competition in the Olympic Games of Hinrik. This was the start of something great, he had known, but this higher level of fame was destined to be short-lived.

It was soon thereafter (while training) that he must have slipped and hit his head before splashing face-first into the water to quietly drown. In the days after, his death was barely noted and what little fame he had earned quickly died with him. His possessions were sent to his son, Mazith, who at the tender age of 10 donned his father’s armor in order to make a name for himself while following in such a great man’s footsteps.

Little did Mazith know, with the inheritance of the armor, came the inheritance of trouble


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