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Vecna's Gamble

Diamonds and Dust


The Freak Squad appraise the magical items that they got from the battle in the Shadowfell, and discover an instant portal of unknown destination. They decide to use it and step through, landing inside a dark dungeon. Minotaurs that do not recognize the intruders attack them, followed by undead wizard spectres. Tobin jumps onto some crates and uses her height advantage to rain arrows on the monsters. The wizards impair Rad Longhammer’s motion, and then bull rush him into the ground. Mazith concentrates on the minotaurs to help Rad, and Aishe tries to rationalize with the undead wizards, but the seem to be consumed by hate. Faust zips around the battlefield like a lightning bolt, controlling the crowd of monsters, which eventually lose their advantage and perish.

Aishe Malinova detects magic emanating from a sarcophagus, but a careful inspection does not show any indication of traps. Mazith opens it and sees a very old corpse wrapped in bandages, next to a magical item. The mummy has decayed to dust, and does not rise to attack the group. However, its accumulated dust does fly through the air and around the room. Rad, Tobin and Faust inhale it and are affected by mummy rot.

There is another sarcophagus with riches inside. Aishe Malinova sends a magical blast wave to topple it but more mummy dust is flown into the air. She tries to push back the dust with more blasts, but inevitably the affected area gets larger and more difficult to control. Faust starts a whirlwind storm which gathers most of the dust into its funnel, and with Tobin’s sharp eyes the group is able to get every grain of dust. Faust then sends it into a shallow pool that decorated this break room in what appears to be a lich’s lair.

It Appears To Be a Lich’s Lair


As they move down the dungeon, Tobin detects an ambush up ahead. A heavily armored magical construct leaps out and spins his chain weapon into the midst of the freak squad, dazing them with psychic energy. An undead abhorrent reaper also leaps out wielding a long nasty sickle, which attacks most of the party before they can recover from the previous attack. Tobin is hit particularly hard, and the reaper presses his advantage by calling forth a large magical eye that hovers in the air, looking for victims. She tries frantically to escape, but Aishe Malinova was distracted saving the rest of the group and can not aid her attempts. To make matters worse, the mummy rot weakens the healing magic and skills that the party is using to keep Tobin alive.

Rad Longhammer recognizes the eye as another manifestation of Vecna. Aishe also detects that the eye is controlled by an amulet around the reaper’s neck, and while worn it is immune to magic. Mazith and Faust get rid of the construct and then concentrate on the undead reaper. Tobin fights furiously to remain in the battle as the eye makes another attack at her. The combined efforts of the party finally bring the reaper down, but the eye is still posed to attack and kill Tobin. They take the amulet off and are barely able to destroy it before it consumes Tobin in its undead fires.

A lesser object similar to the undead hand of Vecna is also destroyed inside the eye. Close investigation of the lair determines that these dungeon was once a temple to Bahamut, god of justice. Legend says that he created a weapon to oversee all acts of evil, with the power to enact judgement with powerful magic. So terrible was the eye, that its use seemed unbalanced and unfair, and was locked away in this dungeon by faithful priests. But the lich of Vecna found about this secret, and consumed by greed and to serve its god, corrupted the eye into a twisted weapon of death and established its lair here.

They Won’t Stay Dead

Mummy rot

The magic users find a highly magical bone lying around, but are unsure what it is. Using his religious studies, Rad recognizes it from his previous deductions as a lich phylactery, an object that contains the essence of a lich for undead resurrection. It contains the remains of one of the liches that Mazith and Tobin killed back in the battle against Orcus’ avatar, and they quickly proceed to destroy it, ending its reign of terror once and for all.

Faust creates a portal to return to Sandman, and evaluate the possibilities to cure the mummy rot magical disease. With Chedhurst being a martial nation, availability of powerful clerics is limited, and Rad Longhammer’s connection to Pelor is the most powerful to try and remove the dangerous disease. The party needs to rest, and as they wake up the disease gets worse. Faust decides to try to heal himself up, and calls for a conference in the Wizard Order of Chedhurst to have students witness the event, which gathers quite an audience.

Luckily Faust succeeds. Rad is a bit unsure of his abilities, since a wrong treatment might cause patient death. So he casts the ritual on himself first, and survives. Tobin is next, and even though the treatment hurts, Tobin also survives.


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