Aeon Zen

Titanic Threat

Rhotlzhogok and Rad Longhammer have come to an understanding to ship the titans to another plane, so they start bringing up the hosts. Aishe Malinova’s bardic knowledge confirms the mind flayer story about his people and the githyanki, but she nevertheless thinks there must be a better, safer way to handle the titans and save the hosts. She confronts Rad about it in a very cramped room with mind flayers, the Freak Squad, the hosts and a portal to the Astral plane.

Bard’s Gamble

Githyanki planet

The illithids are eager to start their attack, but Aishe retaliates their arguments with how they were going to control the titans in the first place. The mind flayer replies that he does not intend to control them, but only release them, and that they would make the world in which they were released their own. Aishe presses on and eventually persuades Rad to stop them. She casts an invisibility spell on Rad that puts the illithids on high alert. Unsure what to do, Rad channels Pelor’s radiant energy into one of the vessels about to cross over. The host screams in agony as the Titan inside her awakens at the touch of divine energy, and a battle with the mind flayers restarts. Their psychic energy dazes the party, but something more threatening is occurring. The awakened titan calls for her brethren to awaken like him. The mind flayers start losing control of their conditioned hosts. They tell Rad that if he and his friends continue attacking they would take the titans that they can as they leave Aeon Zen, leaving the rest to destroy their world. Rad calls to halt the battle, but the mind flayers are done listening to arguments and weigh in their options.

The Awakening

Titan inside

Faust decides that something must be done with the emerging Titan, and uses a bluff to pretend he has tripped, pushing the dying host through the portal. Aishe also uses a bluff spell to make the some of the illithids chase after her. Rad Longhammer is furious about the actions of Faust and Aishe, since he realizes that sacrifices have to be made to help save the entire world. As if to back his argument, the situation turns more dire. With the titans awakening, the mind flayers needed to concentrate heavily to keep their hosts minds’ under control. But Aishe sent them to another plane and the mind control of the hosts in the room weakens dramatically, helping other titans wake up. One host in particular is still downstairs and its Titan is close to liberating himself of his prison of flesh.

Rad’s Choice

Walking away

The rest of the mind flayers decide to take as many hosts as possible through the portal and leave the rest behind. Tobin and Mazith help ferry all the hosts through while Aishe Malinova and Faust try to catch up to Rhotlzhogok. Eventually the only one left in the room is Rad Longhammer with his plans shattered. He wonders if he should just leave his comrades to their own luck and seal the portal to prevent the world from enduring whatever calamity his friends would bring upon it.

Rad decides to join his friends in the Astral sea, and the portal closes behind him.

Clash of the Titans


Aishe has caught up to the hosts being ferried by Rhotlzhogok into a teleportation portal, likely to be deposited in the surface of the Githyanki planet. She tries to stop them and the mind flayer starts to stop her. Far away, the rest of the mind flayers evaluate their situation and leave the plane through a conjured portal, but not before a goodbye present from Tobin that their exit a bloody one.

Meanwhile, Rad and Faust have caught up to the Rhotlzhogok and Aishe, who is blocking the hosts from entering the portal to the planet. The host that has been battling its Titan succumbs to his power, and dies as the Titan Cronos emerges from him. He is furious to realize his brothers and sisters had been put to sleep, and with a rude awakening all Titans rise and all hosts die. Aishe and Rhotlzhogok start assigning blame to persuade the titan. Hyperion sees his opportunity and asks his elder brother to release him from his prison. Cronos opens the divine locks that keep the Sun Titan locked within Rad, and Hyperion brutally makes his way out of Rad, nearly killing him.

Cronos recognizes the divine signature of Pelor and Bahamut, so Rhotlzhogok persuades him to attack Aeon Zen to enact vengeance on the gods who imprisoned them in slumber. Aishe counters that they are not even the same gods, but Chronus is furious regardless since they are the offspring of the original gods. Things are looking grim for the party, so Aishe uses her silver tongue to convince Cronos to attack neither Aeon Zen nor the Githyanki planet, but the illithid planet, since it was the illithids who were using the Titans for their own plots. Cronos kills Rhotlzhogok with a thought at the offense, and considers Aishe’s offer. But the thirst for vengeance is as big as the wish to conquer an unguarded planet. So he leaves it to luck to see which planet would have the honor and curse of hosting the Titans. Faust asks for a chance at this event, and rolls the dice. Aeon Zen is doomed, and the Titans rejoice at the prospect of vengeance against the gods. They leave to recover in preparation for their assault.

Aeon Zen

Back in time

Faust uses his portal powers to return them to Aeon Zen. The world seems at peace, with no wars, no apocalyptic creatures, no further ploys from the gods. Only Rad, Aishe, Mazith, Faust and Tobin know of its impending doom.

Rad Longhammer goes to the Auburn Hill Temple district to the church of Pelor who took him in. Without Hyperion to fuel his rage and train his mind control, he finds a strange peace in meditation. He reflects back on all that has happened, all that could be, and all that was. When he returns two days later, he has a clear understanding of what to do, he is a Master of Moments. And he has identified the moment that could fix the world: when The Raven Queen’s divine icicle fell on him, and the god’s presence first awakened the Titan Hyperion inside him.

Rad will need everyone’s skills to succeed. Faust’s mastery of time and space to navigate them through, Aishe Malinova’s Gypsy Vision ™ to prevent them from hurting their present, Tobin’s eventual mastery of wishes to break the limits of reality and send them back in time, and Mazith’s prowess to single-handedly keep the group alive.


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