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Secret secrets

Feyis blind

Faust calls off the Death Reaper to avoid Feyis Goldenflight following through with her threat of informing the armies of Orcus about the Shadar-Kai. Having recognized some of the former self of Feyis, Aishe Malinova and Rad Longhammer start concentrating their healing magic to try to extract the Eye of Vecnca. Mazith finds a less delicate way to help and uses a knife to cut the optical nerves. Meanwhile Faust has acquired the Hand of Vecna. As he touches it to examine it, the hand seduces him with promises of wizardly knowledge beyond his dreams, and he starts to take his gloves off and looking for a way to get rid of his own hand. Fortunately he snaps out of it, and hides the hand in his halfling pouch. The sly hand tries to trick Faust into thinking it has returned to Vecna, but Faust discovers this. Unable to acquire more secrets, the artifact does end up returning to Vecna.

Aishe and Rad a still work furiously to try and save Feyis, whose body is getting covered with necrosis as the Eye extract her life force to join the Hand. As Mazith cuts the last of the optical nerve, the eye is released and return to the god. Feyis barely avoids death under the constant healing powers she receives, but she is left with a stump for a hand, and with an empty eye socket and blinded for life. Even though she did not die, it seems Vecna has nevertheless taken all secrets from her mind, including his intentions and the location of Lady Oscar.

Conspiracy Theories

Shadowfell village

The group discusses with the Death Reaper about Feyis, and the wildcard Vecna, who now knows the secret of the attacking army. They decide that Vecna is likely not allying with Orcus. While risky, they continue with their mission, but first they want to take out any more wildcards.

Faust uses a ritual to communicate with Sandman, who appears with some of Faust’s wizard colleagues the next day. Sandman is unable to join the Freak Squad’s cause, lest the powers in Chedhurst discover their location. The enclave of wizards, including Sandman, Daemon Mathews, Aishe Malinova and Ian Faust and five others prepare themselves to eradicate the necromantic energy in the abandoned hut. The wizards are not too familiar with the energy, and are attacked by its power as it pulses in defense. Faust, Aishe and Rad defend the wizards as they try again. Meanwhile Tobin and Faust are ready to defend against any more vistims that the necromantic energy might convert into undead. With much effort, the wizard are able to finally eliminate the energy from existence, and its flow stops crossing into the material plane.

Sandman needs to return to Chedhurst, and wishes the group well. Daemon Mathews enjoys what the party has planned and decides to help out.

Vampire Hunting

With the necromantic energy gone, the party waits until sunset when the Shadar-Kai army arrives. They give them a deadline of fifteen minutes to attack Crespuscule in case the party does not return, and use their teleportation circle they built to get to the reflection pond. They arrive at the castle of Triant Tombfury, but are denied access by the guards. The vampiress Chantal appears and listens to the group’s demands: either the army attacks Triant’s enemies to establish a safety net for peace negotiations, or it will attack the whole city. Not one to be easily deceived, Chantal gives them their audience with Triant, but only without their weapons, since it’s a peace ’negotiation". The group flatly refuses and Chantal does not give in to having a group of armed adventurers who have been labeled traitors near her king. As tense minutes go by, Rad Longhammer and Faust volunteer to go unarmed while the rest of the group waits outside.

Triant Tombfury hears their pleas, but is not pleased at all about this incursion into his city. The proposal does sound appealing to him, though, and he asks Faust to order the ambushing army to hold. Triant delivers a list of his enemies to Faust, but demands Rad stay with him as a safeguard against betrayal by the group. As the party makes praparations to get rid of a troublesome vampire enemy, Triant and Rad talk about the future, and watch the event unfold from the top of his castle, where his allies are now gathering to keep out of harm’s way.


The party recruits a Shadar-Kai assassin to help them eliminate a well secured enemy vampire. Since he lives in a castle that has withstood heavy attacks, the task is more appropriate to an elite unit than an army. The assassin breaches the front door by traveling in shadows through the keyhole, and opens the door for the rest of the group. Tobin detects multiple mechanical traps while Aishe pinpoint some magical trigger. Mazith disables the wall spikes behind them, which is fortunate since the magical traps pushes the party against them with kinetic force. The party is safe, but vampire minions dig themselves out of the garden and attack them. After the party easily defeats them, but the castle owner if now likely alerted of their presence.


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