Aeon Zen

Devil May Cry

The Power Within

Power within

Rad, Aishe and Faust contact their respective gods to warn them of what’s to come. They are at a loss since the pantheon of gods is unprepared and outmatched by the Titans. The divine entities contact each other, crossing alignment and philosophical barriers to save Aeon Zen.

After re-examining the past events, the Freak Squad realizes that divine intervention fueled the the Titan awakening, and thus it must be avoided during their plan. Hence when going back to fix the unfortunate chain of events that dooms the world, they can not receive help from the gods, lest their presence awaken the Titans in the past. The group must rely on their own skills to return.

Devil’s Advocate


One key missing skill that they need is Tobin’s mastery of wishes, an for that they must travel to the Abyss. One way to enter is through the Fiend’s Nightmare in the Badlands. However, Faust contacts his associate Daemon Mathews in the sewers of Timbermoor and informs him of the situation.

The demon summoner lays out a plan to summon some demons of equal power as the heroes from the layer of the Abyss where the Djinn’s are located, and then swap locations with the party members. The procedure is risky since the summoning circles will be compromised and the demons will be set free in the summoning area once the Freak Squad has been transported. Daemon requests some assistance, and Fast is most grateful to fulfill that request with his other asociates

Faust’s allies

The Wizard Mahr – a doddering old human mage with a thing for air magics set out to pasture by the Order and no longer taken serious. He was one of Faust’s earliest and most beloved of tutors in magic.

Trent Highcastle, a young human mage with a bent for natural magics and dwarven alchemy, subjects often snubbed by the Order. Faust has always encouraged the young man in his studies, feeling akin to the man’s outcast status. Recently Faust has provided him with contacts in the dwarf and shaman lands for research correspondence in thanks for his assistance on the Shadowfell.

Natasha Thorn, a middle-aged human woman past her prime, she used to teach at the academy before being stripped of her position for having too many dalliances with her male and female students. She has an affinity for enchantments. The only other mage besides Sandman aware of Faust’s true changeling nature, he has a good idea what ‘favor’ she may require of him given he can change into any form she desires… Faust sighs


Tobin demon

The ritual is ready and as the party leaves into the Abyss, the mages back in the material plane are left battling the summoned demons. A great castle pierces the horizon, so the party walks there in search of the Djinn devil. Tobin lets go of her demonic nature, shaping her body into that of a devil. Faust on the other hand uses his changeling and flying abilities to mimic an imp in service of the demon Tobin, who is taking Aishe Malinova, Mazith and Rad Longhammer as prisoners.

The farce seems to work well except for a flying demon who gets curious about the parade. He speaks in deep speech! Tobin struggles to pantomime her dominance over the visitor to send him away without giving up her disguise. Faust has a magic item that translates for him, and does most of the talking for Tobin, receiving physical punishment from the demon for daring to speak. Still not being able to speak, Tobin backhands the intruder, with hidden magical help from Aishe. The demon is pushed back by the force and decides to leave, not without first kicking Faust the imp on his way out.

The Devil’s Due

Djinn devil

The party crosses a bridge over lava and arrives at the castle gates. The Djinn devil lands in front of the party, welcoming Tobin, who in response shoots him with three arrows before he even realizes what’s happening. Infuriated, the devil uses his new powers from enslaving the Djinns to wish upon the party their greatest menace.

Lazpad Shadowfox appears upon the wish, since he had already contacted the devil to find Mazith’s whereabouts. Lazpad quickly uses an orb of darkness to hide and strikes viciously against all the adventurer’s before they can react. His entourage includes Rakshasa, the tiger people, who aid him in keeping Mazith and his companions occupied.

Meanwhile, Lazpad’s pet panther attacks Tobin, the constant pummeling leaving her dazed and at the mercy of the devil. While she is able to resist his aura of fire and fear, her friends are not as lucky. As if guided by fate, Aishe, Mazith and Rad all strike true against Lazpad. He retreats while cutting off the ropes of the bridge, leaving Mazith hanging precariously over the lava pool.

Tobin is fighting a losing battle alone against the devil. As he is about to strike and throw her into the lava, a shadow races down the walls of the castle, leaps in front of Tobin and parries the devil’s attack with a dagger. Lady Oscar made it into the Abyss on her own, and is now fighting by Tobin’s side.


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