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The Fire Within


The The Raven Queen recovers from her weakness after having her mortal name revealed by Lolth. She decides to end her battle with the injured avatar of Orcus, raises her hand to the storm raging in the sky above, absorbs all moisture of the clouds into a glacier in the shape of an icicle, and thrusts it into the avatar’s skull. The messenger of Orcus collapses to the side, the icicle falling on top of Rad Longhammer and Faust.

Rad feels his lungs fill with diamond dust as his life and will to live are rapidly depleted by the arctic cold. But something within him awakens. An uncontrolled rage like he felt when he wandered the lands killing innocents. His monk calmness is replaced by this fire that burns inside him, that burns outside, that consumes everything around him, and Rad explodes into a ball of light and fire, instantly turning the glacier weapon into vapor. In the spot where Faust’s corpse should be, there are only ashes.

Rad feels something, someone, inside him, trying get be free. His monk training id barely able to keep it contained, and now Rad is left with voices in his head.

Shadow Wings

Shadow wings

Having crippled Orcus’ power in the Shadowfell, The Raven Queen turns to Aishe Malinova, who freed the souls of the Warforged in Tremblent that now pass through to the Raven Queen’s embrace. The goddess grants her blessing on the gypsy, giving her wings to follow her ambitions, no matter how high they are. But Aishe wants to avenge her queen for what Lolth stole from her. The Raven Queen approves, but warns her that despite the god’s own preferences, Aishe should stay close to her allies, and make sure that their are focused and without personal distractions for the trials to come.

Stealing the Biggest Treasure

Thief acrobat

Mazith was manning the ballistas and weakening Orcus, but he also was able to sense Lolth, the Goddess of Deception, manipulate gods, armies and the Freak Squad themselves to steal Fate from the Raven Queen. Whether hw cares about the Spider Queen is irrelevant, as he respects the tremendous skill that was needed for this heist. In his heart, Mazith believes that his rogue skills are good enough to match a god’s, and to become a thief of legend.

Should Have Taken a Left in Albuquerque


In the confusion of the victory, Tobin locates a wizard friend of Faust, Trent Highcastle, sneaks up on him, and steals a teleportation scroll, bluffing her way out when she is discovered by the intoxicated mage. She finds herself in the spider forest, and steps into the Material plane through the shadow crossing, appearing in the mausoleum of Irduin’s Telethdar, Lady Oscar’s father, in Long Castle. The arrow that Tobin left as a sign of respect pulses with energy and determination, Tobin pciks the blessed arrow thanking Irduin’s soul for the blessing. As she looks around, she see’s Dorito’s corpse nearby, but she can not stop now. She heads upstairs, bribes a wizard, and has herself teleported to a shady place in Crespuscule and makes her way to the castle.

Chantal the vampire receives her, but warns he that the teleportation ritual to The Sharid is not ready and is volatile. Tobin takes the risk anyway, and is teleported to an underground cavern filled bristone and lava, where she finds Faust laying unconscious nearby.

Time and Space Discontinuum


Faust wakes up and determines the magic experiments that he had done on himself years ago finally manifested, his body was able to escape death by teleporting himself through the planes. He has turned into something else, neither here nor there, neither now nor before. He is able to determine that Tobin and himself have landed in a layer of the Abyss. With his new found powers, Faust is able to create a way out.

Deal with the Devil

Djinn devil

Tobin’s desperation to rescue Lady Oscar summons a devil from the Abyss, which towers dozens of feet over the two heroes. He proposes Tobin to give him her remaining wish, so he can imprisons the troublesome djinn, and in exchange he would liberate Lady Oscar. Tobin accepts and true enough, the devil summons and enslaves the soul of the djinn Surat Al-Jinn, forcing Lady Oscar out her her mystical prison. The devil is pleased and leaves the lovers reunited. Faust had prepared a way out, but a different djinn, Jazz’ari, approaches Tobin, asking for her help. The survivors of her race had been enslaved by the devil, but Lady Oscar’s selfless wished granted Surat enough power to challenge the devil. Now that he’s imprisoned the djinn race has no hope, except for Tobin and Lady Oscar to help them Jazz’ari reunite with her lover Surat, just as Surat’s life helped Tobin and Mariel reunite. Tobin feels that she can grant wishes just as well as the djinns, and accepts the djinn’s desires.

Surat Al-Jinn Jazz’ari

Tobin, Lady Oscar and Faust escape the plane and return to Crespuscule.

A Tale of Two Cities

Chedhurst Tremblent

The party, who had been looking for each other, reunite and speak with Triant Tombfury, who agrees to destroy the reflection pond that now unites and connects the Shadowfell and Tremblent. With tha settled, Faust uses his powers to transport the party to Sandman’s quarters. They decide to pin the Apocalypse Hydra attack of Triant’s enemies to close the case, and prevent further investigation into the gypsies. They are escorted there by Hans Torres and Krog Bellybottom, the only remaining members of The Aforementioned.

King Maxim Isaak receives the Freak Squad in his palace. Faust magically transforms himself into Dorito, who was presumed dead (twice) by the party. Aishe looks at Faust suspiciously, but the King speaks to celebrate the turn of events, the peace between Tremblent and Chedhurst (even though Mazith could have single-handedly achieved that if the rest of the party had allowed him to), and to apologize for having to name them traitors.

There is a make-shift celebration in the palace. Aishe Malinova questions Faust’s loyalty. Faust explains that he is a shape changer raisedd by halflings, and a spy originally sent to keep an eye on Feyis Goldenflight, since they have heard reports about something brewing in the elven lands. He serves the Wizard Order of Chedhurst, but also a department of internal affairs. To show his trustworthiness, he reveals his true form to Aishe and Mazith, something he hasn’t done for anyone before. Afterwards, Faust escapes to report to his superior in the secretive organization. He approves of his actions and his service to the kingdom.

During the party, Tobin and Lady Oscar find themselves a private room. Chrysanthe Xene grabs Rad Longhammer by the hand and does the same.


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