Aeon Zen

600 feet under



The Freak Squad takes a look at the vampire’s mansion and decide to go to the mausoleum instead. Mazith removes additional traps and lets the Shadar-Kai assassin go in first. He is not amused by this, but no further traps are found at the entrance.

They start their descent through a cavern in the mausoleum, but as they descend the temperature starts to rise. Tobin presses on, and with her keen sight is able to detect most pressure plate and swinging blade traps without slowing down their pace to search. This is beneficial since troops stationed behind murder holes in the cavern do not reach their posts in time and barely have enough time to shoot off some crossbow bolts, which the Shadar-Kai assassin evades.


Volcanic geiser

A narrow chasm blocks the way for the adventurers; at the bottom of the fissure lava can be seen flowing. Mazith has no problem jumping the puny chasm, and he uses a rope to safeguard the rest of the group as they cross. There is a chamber up ahead with small geisers belching toxic fumes into the air, and a glowing mound in the center. The light of Faust’s torch is too dim to detect the wraiths that emanate from the geisers and surprise attack the group. They claw at Mazith and extract his life force, leaving him exhausted. However the group recovers and is able to use the torchlight to see their enemies. The assassin maneuvers the last wraith into the central mound crater, and Faust pushed him down into the lava with a thunderous lightning bolt.

Welcome to the Jungle


The group continues their descent and finds a large, long, muddy pit ahead of them. Fungi have grown on the walls and emit green light, making the humid passageway looks somewhat lush, with only a few rocks over the mud. Tobin jumps into one, and the magical trap turns on. A transparent feline materializes out of thin air, and the ever-ready Tobin sends an arrow straight between his eyes, but the arrow just passes by unaffected, and the feline, also unaffected, harms Tobin as he passes through her. Faust comes to the rescue and flies over the mud pit, extending his flying capabilities to Tobin. Mazith of course amazingly and single-handedly jumps from stone to stone, but miscalculates a landing and another feline attacks him. The Shadar-Kai trades through the mud and is the last to leave the magical hunting grounds of the felines.

Industrial Revolution

Steampunk arm

The group approaches a vast cavern, with a single bridge contraption spanning from their location to the other side of the chasm, and with a wide lava river flowing underneath. As Tobin approaches, a huge mechanical arm trap attacks her and tries to grab her, but she narrowly escapes by disrupting it with an arrow. Faust attacks with lightning, which seems to be quite effective when it is not holding anyone. Mazith spots the mechanism to disable the arm, but it precariously located at the base of the arm in the ceiling, so he attacks with his sword. He’s not so lucky as Tobin, and gets grabbed by the hand, which moves over the lava. Tobin uses her Starlit Bow of Sagittarius to summon a rope that hooks on to the mechanism mechanical wrist, and swings from the rope to catch Mazith as he is dropped. As the hand return for an attack on Faust, the two adventurers swing back onto the bridge amid magical bolts of energy. Three dark elves are attacking them from the cliff sides on opposing sides of the bridge.

As Tobin and Faust attack them, Mazith and the Shadar-Kai try to gain ground. The bridge floor tiles suddenly start moving like a conveyor belt, forcing back their movement as their gain speed. Desperate, the two of them sprint towards the end of the bridge, where a large skeletal vampire appears and gets ready for battle.


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